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Designing bovine T cell vaccines via reverse immunology – Highlighting our Publications

T cell responses contribute to immunity against many intracellular infections. There is, for example, strong evidence that major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class I-restricted cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTLs) play an essential role in mediating immunity to East Coast fever (ECF), a fatal lymphoproliferative disease of cattle prevalent in sub-Saharan Africa and caused by Theileria parva. o … Continue reading

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From an aspiring teacher to an immunologist expert – Jan Naessens lab talk

Jan Naessens, is an immunology expert in livestock research working with the International Livestock Research institute (ILRI) Biotechnology Theme. In this interview we look at his career from the moment when he hardly dreamt of becoming a scientist, his contributions to immunology research, his optimism about CBBP research as well as other interests.   1. … Continue reading

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Molecular characterization of live Theileria parva sporozoite vaccine stabilates reveals extensive genotypic diversity: Highlighting our publications

‘Highlighting our publications’ is a new blog series that will feature publications from the Biotech theme.  The success of scientific research is greatly pegged on existing information and published scientific work to provide crucial information and knowledge that is important to the progress of science. Our publications represent the latest results in areas such as: … Continue reading