Presentations of the African swine fever Diagnostics, Surveillance, Epidemiology and Control: Identification of Researchable Issues Targeted to the Endemic Areas within sub-Saharan Africa Workshop. Hosted by BecA-ILRI and sponsored by CSIRO-AusAID-Africa Australia Food Security Initiative held at Venue Fairview Hotel Nairobi July 19th-22nd 2011

ASF Global Impact and Control by José M. Sánchez-Vizcaíno view presentation

ASFV genome sequencing by Etienne de Villiers view presentation

African swine fever (ASF) in Africa. Main activities 2004-2011 by Marisa Arias view presentation

ASF Uganda-project progress update and implications thereof by Karl Stahl view presentation

Application of Novel Delivery systems for ASFV antigens by Waithaka Mwangi view presentation

Background Bioinformatics by Martin Norling view presentation

Current status of serological and nucleic acid based diagnostic techniques for ASF by Marisa Arias view presentation

Current Approaches for African Swine Fever Virus Vaccine Development by Linda K. Dixon view presentation

Epidemiology and Control Workshop on Epidemiology of African swine fever virus in Southern Africa by Wilna Vosloo view presentation

Immunoinformatics and Reverse Vaccinology, Potential Application to Development of an ASF Vaccine by Nicholas Svitek view presentation

Overview of ASF Impact and Surveillance in Kenya by Joseph M. Macharia, Jane W.K. Githinji and Jacqueline L. Kasiiti view presentation

Participatory Epidemiology and the Use of Models to Design Control Strategies by Jeff Mariner view presentation

Role of FAO-ECTAD in Transboundary Disease Surveillance and Controlwith special reference to ASF by Bouna Diop  view presentation

Status and Impact of ASF Cameroon by Andre Ngangnou view presentation

Surveillance and disease control approaches for pigs and their application to ASF by Raymond (Bob) Rowland view presentation

Understanding the Epidemiology of African swine fever (ASF) to Support Development of Evidence-Based Control Strategies by Richard Bishop view presentation

Overview of African Swine Fever (ASF) Impact and surveillance in Uganda by Chris Rutebarika and Anna Rose Ademun Okurut view presentation

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