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Sustainable breeding strategies for Red Maasai sheep in Kenya

Although environmentally-adapted strains of livestock, are essential to smallholder farmers, there has been a decline in the populations of such breeds, such the ‘hardy’ Red Massai sheep. A recent poster by scientists at the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) emphasizes that through the implementation of various breeding strategies it may be possible to safeguard this drought- and disease-resistant sheep breed, helping increase food security and productivity across southern Kenya Continue reading

African Dairy Genetic Gains Program: Innovative private-public partnership for sustainable dairy productivity in Ethiopia and Tanzania
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African Dairy Genetic Gains Program: Innovative private-public partnership for sustainable dairy productivity in Ethiopia and Tanzania

Leveraging private and public partners is key to increased productivity in the dairy sector, according to a poster by scientist from the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI)-led project African Dairy Genetic Gains. Continue reading

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Indigenous farm genetic resources of Somalia: Preliminary characterization of cattle, sheep and goats

This study was conducted in 2008 as a collaborative project between the International Livestock Research Institute and Terra Nuova with the main objective of evaluating the Somali breeds of livestock both phenotypically and genetically. Continue reading

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Comparison of different poultry breeds under station and on-farm conditions in Ethiopia

A selective breeding program was implemented to improve the performance of indigenous chickens in Ethiopia. Improved chicken from the 7th generation were compared with commercial layer, crossbred and unselected indigenous chickens both on-station and on-farm. Continue reading

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Participatory definition of breeding objectives for sheep breeds under pastoral systems – Red Maasai and Dorper sheep in Kenya

The aim of this study was to investigate farmers’ trait preferences as a basis for determination of breeding objectives for Red Maasai and Dorper sheep at two sites, Amboseli and Isinya, in Kenya. Continue reading

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The known and the unknowns: A multipathogen survey to identify diseases in cattle in Tanzania

Disease in livestock is one of the main factors contributing to limited productivity and incomes among cattle farmers in Tanzania. This poster, prepared for the Tropentag 2014 conference, presents findings from a survey conducted by ILRI among cattle farmers in Tanzania to confirm the presence of well-known cattle pathogens and to investigate the presence of cattle pathogens rarely looked for in the area before. Continue reading