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Senegal dairy genetics – new project at ILRI

A new project titled, Senegal Dairy Genetics on peri-urban dairy systems in Senegal under the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) – Biotech, Improving utilization of farm animal genetics resources (BT03) group, that works on identifying appropriate genotypes, breeds & breed combination and finding the best options for multiplication and delivery in different production systems commenced early this year. 

Challenges facing dairy farmers in Senegal that the project will address include: little information on the performance of the different breeds and cross-breeds types, lack on information on the most appropriate breed combinations for small to medium-scale diary farmers to keep and lack of access to breed due to lack of production and delivery systems.

This ILRI led project, in partnership with the Senegal Institute for Agricultural Research (ISRA), the University of Helsinki , and Agrifood Research Finland, and funded via the Finnish Government’s FoodAfrica Programme aims to:

  • Determine the most appropriate dairy breed/cross-breed types for peri-urban dairy produc­tion systems in Senegal, and disseminate this infor­mation;
  • Characterise the dairy germplasm production chain, and related policies, and use this infor­mation to develop a strategy for strengthened dairy germplasm production and delivery systems;
  • Enhance local human, institutional and organi­zational capacity on accessing and promoting different breeds/cross-breeds of livestock

Download project brochure

Read more about the project in the project website:

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