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Animal Genetics Training Resource (AGTR) version 3 Officially Released!

Yesterday afternoon the new fully Web-enabled platform Animal Genetics Training Resource (AGTR) (http://agtr.ilri.cgiar.org) was launched at the LiveSTOCK Exchange event which took stock of ILRI’s research over the last ten years at the ILRI Addis Ababa, Ethiopia campus, the event was held on 9-10 November. While launching the new resource, Julie Ojango said that this is one product that is fully ‘dedicated’ to livestock.

AGTR is a an essential component and output of the ILRI-Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) project. The training resource is a unique, ‘one stop’, user-friendly, interactive, multimedia resource, targeted at researchers and scientists teaching and carrying out research in Animal Breeding and Genetics (ABG). It is a dynamic training resource designed to help strengthen the capacity of NARS; inform the design and implementation of breeding programmes; and provide information that will empower countries and institutions to undertake their own research and apply available information and knowledge. It covers established and rapidly developing areas, such as genetic based technologies and their application in livestock breeding programmes.

Development of the Animal Genetics Training Resource (AGTR)

Development of the Animal Genetics Training Resource (AGTR)

Core to the AGTR are Modules on:

  1. Global perspectives on animal genetic resources for sustainable agriculture and food production;
  2. Improving our knowledge of tropical indigenous animal genetic resources;
  3. Sustainable breeding programmes for tropical farming systems;
  4. Quantitative methods to improve the understanding and utilisation of animal genetic resources; and
  5. Teaching methods and science communication.

Julie Ojango is among the Biotech’s BT03 scientists responsible for this project, for more information about the resource write to j.ojango(@)cgiar.org