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LiveSTOCK Exchange video reflections: The Biotech angle

As part of the reflection for the November 2011 liveSTOCK Exchange seminar at the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), Addis Ababa, Biotech scientists: Roger Pelle, Phil Toye, Steve Kemp and Okeyo Mwai share their reflections on some of the changes they have observed and have been part off over the years in a series of  video conversations, below.

ILRI research on animal diseases in Africa – Accomplishments and partnerships by Roger Pellé

ILRI research on animal diseases in Africa—Developing vaccines and diagnostics by Phil Toye

The changing face of biotechnology research at ILRI by Steve Kemp

Breeding indigenous livestock at ILRI: Red Maasai sheep in Kenya by Okeyo Mwai

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Video credits: Public Awareness team at ILRI