3 Biotech graduate fellows to attend training on Advances in the knowledge of parasite resistance of ruminant hosts and parasites

3 graduate fellows from ILRI Biotech theme have been accepted to attend a 2 weeks training course (from 26th September – 7th October 2011) on “Advances in the knowledge of parasite resistance of ruminant hosts and parasites” in Sao Paulo Brazil.

The students;

  1. Elijah Juma Omondi – MSc student working with the People, Animals and their Zoonoses (PAZ) project and supervised by Eric Fèvre and David Odongo
  2. Isaiah Otieno Obara – PhD student working with the Molecular epidemiology network for promotion and support of delivery of vaccines against Theileria parva and Theileria annulata infection in Eastern and Northern Africa (DFG) project and supervised by Richard Bishop, Steve Kemp and David Odongo
  3. Nimmo Wairimu Gicheru Ngatiri – PhD student working with the Contagious Bovine Pleuropneumonia (CBPP) project and supervised by Jorg Jores

were selected based on the below four areas of interest (subthemes);

Theme 1 – Genomics of host resistance to parasites.
Theme 2 – Future perspectives of techniques for target validation, vaccine and drug development, and reversal of parasite resistance in endoparasites.
Theme 3 – In vitro methods for the diagnostic of anthelmintic resistance and for screening of new bioactive substances.
Theme 4 – New perspectives in the control of ruminant ectoparasites.

This an excellent and well deserved opportunity that will offer the students a myriad of benefits touching on their personal, social and most importantly, on their studies. 

More information about the course can be found in the following link: