An exciting day in the ILRI labs

On Tuesday this week, the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel and her delegation visited ILRI, Nairobi. Among the places the Chancellor visited, included the laboratories where the Biotech staff had done quite a lot of preparations and were looking forward to her visit, in addition to others, a special demonstration by Anne Fisher, Absolomon Kihara, Christian Borgemeister (ICIPE) and Joerg Jores in the Mycoplasma laboratory were in the Chancellor’s program.

Read the detailed story on how her visit was in the links below:

Germany and ILRI sign agreement in Nairobi to collaborate in research to assess the pastoral-livestock-wildlife benefits from Kenya’s eco-conservancies

German Chancellor Angela Merkel visits ILRI’s campus in Nairobi, where agricultural scientists are fighting hunger

German Chancellor Angela Merkel arrives in Kenya, will visit ‘model research institution in Africa’–ILRI

Below are some pictures from this exciting and interesting day in our labs and a historical day at ILRI!

Biotech staff in the laboratory

Edward Okoth, tuning the radio to set the mood right for the hard science

Biotech staff in the laboratory

Absolomon Kihara, setting the demonstration where they would show the Chancellor how sample data is collected and recorded

Biotech staff in the laboratory

Cynthia Onzere, carrying out an enjoyable procedure

Biotech staff in the laboratory

Rosalynn Murithi, whistling away while doing some ‘pipetting’

Tatjan and Rosa

Rosa and Tatjana Sitt, having a happy lab moment after the tough ‘pipetting’ exercise

Merkel visits ILRI Nairobi: Lab tour

Photo of the day. The Chancellor inside the Mycoplasma lab where Joerg Jores explains to her and her delegation about the research, the Mycoplasma team looks on

Click here for more of the pictures

Click here for the Biotech picture set

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