Welcome to ILRI: BioLives, where biological and livestock technologies meet for sustainable human development

Popular ex­pec­tation that the money invested in medical and veterinary research will lead to disease cures is justified, having been fulfilled historically time and again. That is why stra­tegic labo­ratory-based research has an undeniable claim on public support. Through Biotechnology, ILRI continues to fulfill its mandate within the Consultative Group on International Agriculture Research (CGIAR) by carrying out research programmes that are original in concept, experimen­tal in approach and designed to tackle some of the most complex disease organisms afflicting farming communities of the developing world.

BioLives is a blog for the Biotech theme that will inform our readers on all the major research updates and news from the farm, the field and the laboratory.

The theme focuses on developing bioproducts and knowledge to enhance livestock agriculture in resource poor farming systems.

Our work revolves around 3 research teams that aim at:

  • Developing biotechnological products to support integrated disease control in production systems in which poor livestock keepers form an important part
  • Using a number of core ‘genomic’ technologies to study both livestock and pathogens with the aim of improving our understanding of livestock adaptations to the environment and disease
  • Applying biotechnological tools to improve the understanding and conservation of indigenous genetic diversity

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