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New study shows that waterbucks are an important source of tick-borne diseases of livestock

A recent study has found that wildlife are an important source of tick-borne diseases of livestock, with 70% of emerging pathogens originating from wildlife. The study found evidence of previously unknown parasite genotypes that may be infective to both small ruminants and equids (horses). Climate change could fuel the spread of such pathogens through the spread of their tick vector further impacting livestock production. Continue reading

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Analysing African Swine fever epidemiology on the Kenya-Uganda border

On 2-3 October 2013 the closing workshop of the BecA‐ILRI‐CSIRO‐AusAID project on Understanding African Swine fever (ASF) epidemiology as a basis for control was held in Nairobi, Kenya. Participants who included project staff and other invited guests of the workshop titled ‘Analysis of African Swine fever epidemiology and pig value chains to underpin design of … Continue reading

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Introduction to ngombe-watch cow monitoring system

In the research of animal health and productivity, there is need to monitor the movement, temperature and restlessness of animals. We do believe that the well being of an animal can be inferred from its movement and restlessness. While it is hard to know the well being of an animal without collecting samples conducting biological … Continue reading

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ILRI scientist wins the Basic Research to Enable Agricultural Development (BREAD) Ideas Challenge

Denis Mujibi, International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) geneticist is among the 13 winners of the $10,000 Basic Research to Enable Agricultural Development (BREAD) Ideas Challenge announced in July. Mujibi’s submission was among hundreds of submissions received from researchers from all over the world selected for articulating novel or under-studied scientific challenges facing smallholder farmers in … Continue reading

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Installing RStudio — an advanced GUI for R — on CentOS 6

R is an increasingly powerful tool in the bioinformatics toolbox, but its command-based interface sets the learning curve rather high, and as a result turns a lot of would-be users off. This post is about installing RStudio, a graphical user interface (or “IDE“, rather) for R, on our High-performance Computing (HPC) cluster used for data … Continue reading

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Study evidences continual waning of cattle genetic diversity in Western Kenya: Interview with Mary Ndila

For the last four years, Mary Ndila has been studying the population structure of indigenous cattle for her PhD project titled, ‘Genomics diversity of East African Shorthorn Zebu cattle of Western Kenya’, a joint program between ILRI and the University of Nottingham and funded by Wellcome Trust. In this article we find out whether breed … Continue reading